Do not tell me I can’t, I will show you I can

Today I was told that my aspirations of becoming a professional writer are nothing but a dream and if I chose to keep pursuing this as a career the caring of my children won't be proficient. And I shouldn’t have decided to marry a man with kids because my goals are far to time-consuming. As much of a [...]

How to prove your love

There’s a lot to say about the many ways to display affection towards your loved ones. With the holidays quickly approaching the old saying, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” comes to mind. Putting your whole heart into your cooking is one of the most excellent ways to prove your love [...]

Love locked on a bridge

  Everlasting love. Everyone in the world at one point in their life believes they have acquired the power of true love, a seemingly unobtainable sentiment. For centuries men have killed for it and women have submitted to its command. The obsession humanity has for passion is so imperious it can cause man to become a saint or a [...]


Eyes golden brown accompanying a smile to shine Touches sending chills enchanted that he's mine To have and to hold forever and ever A match made in heaven nothing more clever Our love unique as friends we are Above all things passion is far Unique as I said, ours is what it is Myself all it is true as I am his I love [...]