Reason #1 to give thanks

My day started out like any other day. The ol’ alarm clock went off at 6:30 this morning encouraging me to get up and get the kids out of bed. They proceeded to school as I sat with my cup of coffee attempting to wake up. With the apartment to myself, I head upstairs to apply the necessities to my face and hair so that I may present myself to the world. In my closet I stand there, just as I do everyday, contemplating which garments will I wear. Getting dressed is always a chore for me, too bad we all can’t wear jammies to work. Oh wouldn’t that just be grand? I refill my java, get my lunch put together, and head out the door for the commute to that bane of my existence, called my day job.
Once I am at my desk, I start the usual unloading of my bag which usually consists of my How To books only to discover this beautiful and most colorful note from my nine-year old daughter, Izabella. In an array of all the striking colors of the rainbow were the words, “Love will find a way. Love is gona find a way.” Typically, this declaration may seem odd for a child to inscribe for her mother. However,  it made this mommy’s day and I proudly hung it up on my wall right next to my computer screen for me to glance at when I need to smile. Trust me, at my job there’s not a lot to smile about.
The phrase Izabella is quoting is from one of our favorite 80’s rock bands, Tesla. It’s amazing how our children end up liking some of the same things that are still apart of you. I have a rather bleak opinion about true love and my children seem to think it’s their personal mission to change my mind about the subject. This is one of those ways Izabella came up with. My kids have amazing imaginations and display the grandest of affection towards me. I am so thankful for those in my life.
A big THANK YOU to my kids.     


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