Love locked on a bridge


(Photo by Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images)
Engraved Padlocks

Everlasting love. Everyone in the world at one point in their life believes they have acquired the power of true love, a seemingly unobtainable sentiment. For centuries men have killed for it and women have submitted to its command. The obsession humanity has for passion is so imperious it can cause man to become a saint or a fiend. Today it looks as if the world has once again united in the commonality of all civilizations; Love.

Frederico Moccia an Italian author wrote I want you, a novel that has started a phenomenon throughout Europe as thousands of couples have engraved their names on locks and attach those locks to various structures around the world. The most famous is the Hohenzollernbruecke Bridge in Cologne, Germany. Lovers from everywhere fasten their “love lock” on the structure and toss the key into the water below hoping to seal their fate in trying to make certain their love will always endure.

The mere suggestion to ones mate that they should acquire a “love lock” would be an act of devotion of its own accord. How could anyone not be moved by such a declaration of love? Romantic gestures are nothing new and have been an obsession since the dawn of time. Arthur and Guinevere, Romeo and Juliet, and Adam and Eve, truth or fiction these lovers’ tales have stood the test of time all in the name of love.  

The emotion itself warms the soul even though the world is suffering such trying times, love still conquers all. In the midst of economic down turns on nearly every continent, violence rampant in many areas of the globe, and corruption at the highest levels; people are still discovering amazing ways to lift their spirits and bond.  

Traveling halfway across the world to go to such extremes to profess your undying love for someone is the utmost romantic sentiment that’ll send even the coolest of heart into a euphoric state. And what a state it is. Without a care in the world, the overwhelming power of romance is the most wonderful feeling a person can experience.

 You might ask yourself, “Does this really keep couples together?” Probably not however, if a couple doesn’t get anything else out their relationship, they still have an awesome tale to tell about the time they took their love lock abroad with whom they believed was their soul mate. Now that is something to write about.

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