How to prove your love

There’s a lot to say about the many ways to display affection towards your loved ones. With the holidays quickly approaching the old saying, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” comes to mind.

Putting your whole heart into your cooking is one of the most excellent ways to prove your love to that special someone. And you don’t need to be a gourmet cook either, only sincere by way of good intentions.

All over the world people have used food to celebrate traditions to communicate gratitude or indebtedness for people in their life. Such as Italy, the entire culture revolves around love and food. France also has a culture that celebrates passion through cuisine. Here in America we celebrate with food on many occasions. Employers give thanks to employees by providing them with celebratory lunches or dinners, when someone has a loss we tend to them with provisions, and while someone we care about suffers heartache we bring them treats in trying to help them feel better.

Cooking and love. Two of the most fundamental needs us humans long for. So why not pour your heart and soul into your cooking especially if it’s for those you love. Relationships thrive on attention and there really is no better way to give that consideration than with mouth-watering food.

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