How to Be Successful in 2012

What’s the point of making New Year’s resolutions when odds are you won’t keep them? How disappointing it is when you realize that you’ve worked harder on coming up with bad habits to swear off only to be right back at it in less than a year?  Statistically, twenty percent of resolutions will be broken [...]

5 Reasons Why Beautiful Women Date Less Attractive Men

It’s happened before, you are at the local coffee shop minding your own business enjoying a cup of cappuccino and checking your email. You look up for a moment and there she is, the woman of your dreams with the perfect smile, bright beautiful eyes, shiny hair, and voluptuous breasts. While you’re contemplating your best pick [...]

Wait a minute…I need to put on my “Gosh I really care” face

The stress of the holidays and family obligations can be downright brutal with all of the parties, shopping, work, and home responsibilities. Eventually something has to give and hopefully it’s not your sanity. All the chaos can make a person tense and hard to deal with putting a strain on anyone who interacts with them. As hard [...]