How to Be Successful in 2012

What’s the point of making New Year’s resolutions when odds are you won’t keep them?

How disappointing it is when you realize that you’ve worked harder on coming up with bad habits to swear off only to be right back at it in less than a year?  Statistically, twenty percent of resolutions will be broken after a month and half of you will be right back at it by mid year.

Imagine… by the end of 2012, being more productive, healthier, and happier by not making one resolution.

How is this possible?

Instead of setting yourself up for failure by asking for the moon, simply set attainable goals not resolutions. Breaking away from the norm is difficult because we are creatures of habit. Once we get comfortable with something, we tend to stick with it. By setting goals, you can prioritize what you want to accomplish.

According to Doug Sundheim, co-author of “The 25 Best Time Management Tools & Techniques: How to Get More Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy” (Peak Performance Press, 2011), pick your three top goals and focus on them and be selective in what information you pay attention to in order maximize time management.

Write your goals down and read them often to remind yourself what you are striving for. According to Harvard’s MBA Statistics Page, students who set clear, written goals make ten times as much as those who have no specific goals at all, or had goals but did not commit them to paper.

You must write your goals and plans to carry them out.

For some of you, 2012 is  promising to be a great year with a lot of changes and exciting new adventures. No doubt, the New Year will be unique because you have decided to set new goals, some you’ll reach and the ones you don’t you’ll keep striving for. No matter how difficult; be persistent, focused, and It will happen.

It’s not easy reaching your goals, but with a plan on paper you won’t lose sight of what you’re working towards.

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