Silhouettes in the Mist


Blue mists at Snoqualmie Falls
Blue mists at Snoqualmie Falls (Photo credit: joiseyshowaa)


I try to focus my eyes to see where I am but my vision is so blurred it’s impossible to make out. The air wraps around me, thick and warm with a yellowish hue that makes it difficult to see through. Curious about my surroundings, I concentrate on bringing it together until I find a focal point.   


Little by little I become aware of the hardwood floor beneath my bare feet. Bringing back my sense of sight, I come to realize that I am I’m upstairs in my grandma’s house. The smell is specific and familiar here, a musty pines scent. Calmness sweeps over me as I take in this revelation, appreciating the fact that I’m here once again.


Looking around I notice that everything appears bigger than the last time I was here. Abruptly I realize none of it is large; the fact is I’m small, no more than five years old. Amused I look straight up and start giggling when I catch sight of how far away the ceiling is.


The joy is suddenly removed from the atmosphere as the hallway turns a bluish-gray pulling my attention towards the last bedroom on the left. For no clear reason, I’m compelled to find out what is in there. While I walk towards the door, my feet become cold against the hard floor as I reach for the door to open it.


 Fear rapidly consumes me as I enter the room. Colors, along with all their warmth, are void in this place abandoning me to the cold. The vulgar smell of mildew burns my nose making my eyes water. The air is as thick as the smell hindering my ability to breath.


I take in the room spotting a bed against the far wall with a white bed spread and a lamp placed on the nightstand next to it. Even though the window remain shut, the tattered curtain is fluttering despite the fact that there is no flow of air.


Suddenly I sense I’m no longer alone yet I stand here by myself. Squeezing my eyes shut I think, who’s in here with me and why can I not see who it is, or what it is? I’m so frightened but I can’t seem to catch my breath to scream. I can’t move even though I am so scared. I feel it creep up on me. Terrified it’s going to get me; I find my voice and begin screaming, “I don’t like it here! I want to leave!”


Without warning, everything is warm and bright again and I am in the safe confines of my grandma’s bedroom. My brother and I are giggling while playing with her on the bed. Michael is only a toddler and Grandma is so young and beautiful. Laughing she throws the sheet up over our heads……



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