For Your Valentine

It’s that time of year again! You know; the one day a year people are socially obligated to publicly express their undying devotion, or at the very least, display their art of affection one way or another.  Relationship or not, if you have connected even the slightest bit with another human being, you should have a plan for February 14th. Especially if you’re male. (Sorry guys)

If you’re one of those who suffer from romantic difficulties and are not certain what type of arrangements to make for this occasion, fret no more. Listed below are Valentine’s Day ideas perfect for your special someone.

Here are some suggestions for those of you who are not in a committed relationship:

1)      Candy! Nine times out of ten, the gift of chocolate is fail safe. This decadent treat is simple as it is sweet and takes very little effort on your part. Local grocers have a variety of assortments on display for this occasion. If you prefer to be a bit more profuse, you can plan ahead and order something on-line for example, from Hershey’s Website.

2)      If candy isn’t her thing you can never go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers.  If you do choose to go this route, may I offer the advice of not purchasing these at your local grocer? Nothing says cheap skate like Wal-Mart flower arrangements that start dying before you get them in the vase. Yes, it cost more to buy flowers from a florist. However, later that evening she will make it worth your while. Flowers are either delivered by a florist or picked up and presented by the one and only you. There are also many websites that sell quality arrangements.

3)      Awe, for young lovers that feel compelled to indulge their one true love…  Nothing is cuter than a stuffed animal, the bigger the better.  Simple enough to say “Hey! I genuinely care for you,” all the while not blowing off the most romantic day of the year. 

While these are great ideas for someone who is kind of or sort of dating, one needs to add a little something or other if you’re in a more serious relationship. With careful planning, these ideas are fool-proof for an amazing Valentine’s Day:

4)       Plan a romantic evening at home. Chocolate covered strawberries, champaign or wine, her favorite take out or make the most excellent dinner, and have a special gift for her such as earrings purchased from the local jeweler, not from the quickie mart.  For dinner, set the table with the good tableware and don’t forget the candles. Select music that you both find romantic and have it playing when she walks through the door. For an occasion such as this, flowers are a must. Go with red roses unless she has an absolute favorite that she’d prefer.

5)      Plan a romantic evening out on the town. This can be simple but nice, or elaborate with all the bells and whistles.  You know your partner so do what will please him or her. If simple is more your style, then by all means go for your favorite restaurant and a movie, or go for a drive up to the foothills and star gaze. Give an old school valentine with those heart candies that say be mine on them or one long stem red rose. For a more elegant Valentine’s Day one may start the day with breakfast in bed. In the afternoon; a beautiful floral delivery with chocolates, and a card that has detailed instructions for a scavenger hunt starting at a jewelry store, on to a lingerie shop, then a dress boutique for a new dress and shoes, and ending with a limo ride to that special restaurant.  Order for her, as a gentleman would, reach out to touch her hand, and make eye contact with a sweet smile when engaged in conversation with her. The point is to make the evening all about each other.

From cute cards, to expensive gifts, there is an endless supply of novelty items to choose from. No matter what you decide to do for your valentine, be sure it comes from the heart. There are a lot of options out there. Now all you have to do is decide on which one.


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