Are you in an Abusive Relationship?

There is not one person who is immune to violence. It can happen to anyone, anytime, or anyplace without notice. An abuser does not care about anything or anyone. Abusers are only interested in control and are extremely dangerous when they no longer have the power to manipulate you.  And do not underestimate their ability as master manipulators. [...]

First Movement

Since the age of three, Jackie has always been a girl with unfailing determination to become the best figure skater in the world. Awestruck as Tara Lipinski won the 1999 Metabolife World Professional Figure Skating Championship, the toddler sat in the middle of a soft shaggy carpet contemplating her future as professional figure skater. In a [...]

5 idea’s to begin your genealogy search

If you’re a history buff than you can appreciate the work that goes into researching a family lineage. We say genealogy is hobby. On the contrary, after ten years I've come to realize that it's an obsession. Delving into the unknown and uncovering all of those family secrets is sometimes more captivating than watching a major motion [...]