In exile

  Fooling all as I begat from the mother of lies, master at my deception until all collapses without forewarning. Sinking so far I'm incapable of identifying normality again, yet desire courses through my veins like acid scorching what was once living. Is it pain keeping me alive? No. It's a cruel joke that forces air into my lungs. A reflex that [...]

Veiled Despair

Stalled and trapped in this scourge of existence. Consistently force to hover over that of which I’m forced to protect. Against everything, I am alone in this fight. To hell with you all as I hate the very sight of you. Gone are the days of the simplistic. Pushed and beaten down in the wake [...]

The value of a CPA

It’s that time of year again. You know, that lovely occasion when many Americans swarm in droves to the post office trying to post mark their taxes before midnight tonight. Yes that’s right, it’s tax day! Most people do not understand or they greatly underestimate the value of a Certified Personal Accountant until tax season. [...]