remember me?
alone (Photo credit: dragonflaiii)
My hand you cradled
Assuring life would not pass by
Staring into nothing yet at everything until the sun peaked
Amazing in all my glory, so it was said
Wrapped in innocence, or was is ignorance?
Hard to tell with one being the same as the other
The someone always by your side
Defender of your virtue
Resenting all who dared to tell otherwise
The one cast aside into the shadows of despair
Made damsel as you became my hero
That is until the monster became the man
Violating the very sanctity of my presence
Remember me?
The one you promised to hold
The one you swore to protect
The one you said created just for you
The one you abandoned at the moment I needed you most
No longer held captive by trepidation
Deserted with a hollow unfeeling heart
Accompanied only by memories of life once lived
You can’t remember me, the monster who overtook the man will not allow it

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