Giggling Angels

The Sampaguita, or Philippine Jasmin, a fragra...

It’s bright and warm here and there is  baby powder and jasmine in the air. I’m intoxicatingly happy with butterflies in my tummy wildly tickling me. The feeling is nearly indescribable as I try to comprehend what is occurring. I’m unable to recall ever feeling so entirely blissful.

In an implausibly white room lying on an unbelievably comfortable white down comforter, there is the most beautiful baby girl on my tummy giggling uncontrollably. Rose is about six months old, with big locks of coal-black hair, and the most amiable blue eyes one has ever seen on a person. Her chubby cheeks and heart-shaped lips are a soft pink, her skin is porcelain white, and she has an angelic smile.

She is giggling because Izabella, who’s about two, is leaning in from my right side to kiss her. Both with their mouths wide open they kiss making a popping sound that sends the two of them into a frenzy of more giggles. Their laughter is a wonderous sound.

Laying there holding my girls and  admiring their beauty, I accept the fact that this is the perfect moment.  A moment in time most people will never experience.This jubilance affair is a brief period of time one can only dream of, embedding absolute fulfillment that is almost unattainable in life.

Izabella is so young, she isn’t able to speak very well. “Wuv Rosie.”

As she spoke, the baby,who is much chubbier than Bell was at her age, buries her face in my tummy and attempts to play hide n seek. The tittering continues as we three play in this picture perfect place.

Fulfillment beyond contestation in this picturesque situation and I am lost in it. Fervor flows through my veins, or is it love? A little of both perhaps. Something one can become addicted to.

Not once suspecting this is a false reality. I could have perished for all I know, and would have been content to stay here in my version of heaven. And heaven it is in this seamless point in time.  


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