The Shocking Truth about Women and Infidelity

This article does NOT apply to you if you are in an abusive relationship. If you are a victim of domestic violence, do not read on. This does not pertain to you. Seek out help and get out of there now!

National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

Women and Infidelity


English: Women crying
English: Women crying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine being married with children for many years. Loneliness consumes every bit of your being. Taking  care of everyone else but yourself has been the norm longer than memory serves. Feelings of abandonment consumes every rational thought because your husband ignores his family, especially you, as he drinks himself stupid every day. Finding yourself  believing that nobody gives a crap about you or what you do. 

Flooded with feelings of rejection, and extreme loneliness you cry yourself to sleep most nights. After the silent sobs break off, all conscience is suspended and you drift to a different life once lived that seems lost forever. This becomes a pattern as anguish resides in your gut with knifelike pains.

Attempting to go numb, you unintentionally seek out a liberator.

It could be a reunion with an old acquaintance, a new-found friend on Facebook, or a long time pal that’s living the single life. The allure is fascinating and after many conversations you finally accept an invitation to girl’s night out. What can it hurt right?

Night after night the husband ignores your attempts for attention and before you know it, it’s not just one ladies night, you’re out two to three times a week. Living it up dancing and partying having the time of your life similar to fifteen years ago.

The Affairs of Cellini
The Affairs of Cellini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then it happens. He approaches you with an enchanted smile offering to buy the next round. Gravitating to you everywhere you turn, this man is sexy, fun, and cultivates lost sensations from eons ago. After weeks of pursuit with playful banter you finally give in and sustain a ravenous affair.

The greener grass on the other side of the fence has granted the pardon you have searched for when life gave you the shaft. And maybe life really has sucked and all you’ve had to look forward to is death until now. So you intend on going out and getting your kicks before you become too old to do so.

According to Psychology Today, the reasons women engage in infidelity are usually emotional. Studies show that women who are not financially dependent upon their husbands and are disregarded or have become bored, are more apt to give into temptation.  They may not go looking for it, but they end up in the arms of another man.

Statistics soar as documented cases are up to fifty-five percent of all married woman have extramarital affairs.  Most admit they did it because they’re depressed and the affair made them feel alive again with intense orgasms they thought not possible. One woman described her affair as the best sex she has ever had making her feel desirable and wanted, something she lost with her husband long ago.

These accounts shouldn’t come as a surprise.  A contemporary sexual relationship releases chemicals in the brain leading to feelings of euphoria and fixation. These feelings become lost in long-term relationships and if a woman believes the marriage has run its course, she might get involved with someone else.

Now of course, with all this said, infidelity is a choice. Temptations are part of our everyday lives. If one chooses to delve into the forbidden, something to keep in mind is the consequences.   

WebMD explains indiscretions are possibly a cry for help and there is hope to save your marriage. Of course this would involve seeking professional counseling with a marriage or family therapist.

One thought on “The Shocking Truth about Women and Infidelity

  1. I hesitate to comment, but I will. While roaming around your blog, I found this article. I wish that I could make this required reading for guys that ignore their wives, girlfriends and partners. While infidelity is a choice, it also does not happen without a context. Thank you.

    Mike McGuire


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