20th Annual Fifties Fever

1927 Ford Model T Roadster
1927 Ford Model T Roadster (Photo credit: The Brain Toad)

There is no better way to embrace the hot temps of July then by basking in the greatness of beautiful paint schemes, polished leather interiors, and the smell of rubber burnt onto the pavement. This is Fifties Fever, Nevada style.

Whether it’s a 1923 Model T Ford Roadster or a 1953 Hudson Hornet, you know you have arrived in Winnemucca, NV for the city’s annual automobile celebration. And what a celebration it is; car shows, drag races, concerts, food, drink, and so much more.

Car enthusiasts venture to this awesome display of automobiles captivated by all styles from vintage to modern spectacles. As a spectator one cannot ask for a more appropriate affair to amuse oneself. With senses overloaded by the surroundings of speed, style, and rarity of each vehicle, it became extremely difficult not to touch these treasures. The condition of these cars are considered a perfect restoration or in flawless condition.  None the less, as my mother would put it, I kept my paws to myself.

King of the Hill was crowned to a 1971 Dodge Dart, personal shout out to the Dodge, overtaking an Audi, and bringing home $2000 and a trophy. Keep in mind folks, this is run on a street track less than an eighth of a mile. It was shorter than a one city block. Very impressive! Congrats!

This awe-inspiring event has yet to let me down. Definitely making plans on attending next August with hopes of being able to visit a couple of extra days to play.  Hats off to Winnemucca!

welcome to winnemucca.
welcome to winnemucca. (Photo credit: matt.hintsa)

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