Jimmie Johnson back on top, right where he should be

Jimmie Johnson, 8 April 2011

Since 2006 NASCAR has been dominated by one man and four syllables; Jim – mie – John – son! With crew chief Chad Knaus by his side and Mr. Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports, having his back, there is nothing Jimmie Johnson can not accomplish. Driving the 48 Lowes car since 2001, he has been in the spot light of professional stock car racing.

With five consecutive championships, Jimmie has 58 career wins, 159 top five finishes, and 240 top ten finishes. Holding the longest championship streak in NASCAR history, he broke Cale Yarborough‘s record in 2009 by winning his fourth consecutive win. At this time he’s no doubt challenging Richard Petty’s record of consecutive seasons with at least one win.

Not to mention Jimmie’s win at Darlington this season gave Mr. Hendrick his 200th Sprint Cup Series win. Obviously there is no limit to this mans ability.

Anyone who says Jimmie Johnson doesn’t deserve a NASCAR best driver of all time award is straight up out of their mind! After finishing third in Sundays race at Watkins Glynn, he has taken his rightful place at the number one spot in points, AGAIN. There are only two drivers in NASCAR history with a better championship record; Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt each possessing a career history of seven.

The 2009 COT in the Garage at Las Vegas Motor ...
The 2009 COT in the Garage at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Nederlands: Jimmie Johnson en zijn Chevrolet Impala, winnaar van het kampioenschap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Racing since the age of five, Jimmie has been showing the world how to win races. Starting with racing motorcycles, moving to off-road stadium and desert racing, joining Herzog Motorsports in the off-road truck series in 1996 eventually moving to NASCAR Busch Series, now Nationwide Series, in 2000.

To ignore what this man has accomplished is foolish and will have you eating his dust. For some absurd reason, he is very much underestimated in the sport of stock car racing. Being so, it’s always a surprise when this driver ranks number one and takes home the big prize in November at Homestead.

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