Carnations and Cloves

Pink Carnation (NGM XXXI p510)The sun is so bright it’s virtually blinding, but I welcome it nonetheless. The warmth covers my body with all the comfort I need to on a day like today.  Smiling to myself as the heat bestows a curious pleasure over my body. I feel relaxed and safe. 

The air is a thick and smells of carnations and cloves, nearly requiring too much effort to inhale, but I gladly receive the fierce ambiance of it all.

The essence of the spice is arousing all the while the fragrance of my favorite flower brings me peace. The perfect combination of the two aroma’s secure my being here, not allowing my mind to escape back to reality. So I hold on with cruel intentions of never going back.

If this represents heaven, then I don’t ever want to leave. My head is clear and my heart beats without pain. It’s as if an angel has settled around me holding me tightly like another used to do so very long ago. There aren’t many moments such as this one, so I absorb as much of it as I can. For there is little time in which I can procure it.

If only more opportunities existed to experience this serenity, one might entertain the idea a bit more. I wish all junctures in life felt as perfect as this one does.

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