Exposed yet unable to be seen

Dark (Photo credit: Mick & Wout)

Heavy laden are my thoughts burdened with contemplation of users and takers

Diseased with the haves and the have not’s my reality is poisoned by sheer deathly vapors

Ruined by the institution society demanded to seek unfulfilled by lingering desires hidden deep in the shadows

Pretender, I am increasingly becoming weak as I’m trapped in a dark pungent place as if shackled in the gallows

An unmet stranger lurking in the dark waiting to be found and yet passed by once more hidden and forgotten

All too often by lack of pleasure I am bound ugly and unwanted believed to be rotten

Did one not saith ye loved me once upon a time? Now to torture my soul with things no longer allowed to touch

Relieved of all responsibility convinced it’s a victimless crime my apprehension is passion I hold as my crutch

Rendered useless in my blind eye not even able to tear

Left alone wondering why I’m cold and hollow incapable of fear

Still at this juncture to love you and that’s the torment of it as my heart needs to suffer no longer

Pain delivered to the giver in a cold-hearted remit to fill the void that has captured my life I shall conquer

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