Good Food and Great Times

Dinner for ThreeWhat better way to spend a Friday evening than having a date with your children? There simply is none. When my husband is out for the night, I plan a fancy gourmet (well gourmet for us) dinner and movie with my kids. What we end up with is a delectable and delightful evening spent eating and snuggling. (My two favorite things)

The food we have here consists of steamed claims in white wine and garlic sauce, clam chowder, baked salmon with butter and lemon, shrimp fried with butter, onion, cilantro, and garlic, italian bread loaf, fried asparagus, and finally a good ol glass of milk for the girls, and white wine for me. To say it was magnificent would be an understatement.

The meal only took an hour to make from start to finish. The girls are great helpers in the kitchen, so it doesn’t take us as long as it could have. The clean up is easy as well.

Even though it’s a rare occasion for us, moments like these that make the world go around.



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