For the love of java

Coffee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My short time here on this planet I’ve accepted this one delectable addiction to which I am unable to escape; Coffee.

This seed that’s been labeled a bean, when roasted, gives my taste buds extraordinary pleasure that completes me. I never start a day without a cup of coffee and have no intentions as to contemplate life without this marvel.

This affair I have would be complete if granted the opportunity to bind it together with my second passion; writing.

As one of the worlds most consumed beverage, it’s no mystery as to why our community entertains these businesses across the country. My goal this year is to visit a coffee shop twice a month to do nothing but sip and write.

1 Comment

  1. I’m going to have to adopt your goal as well. That sounds perfect. I love the coffee buzz, the smell, the taste, the ritual, and I can’t live without it either. A holistic masseuse told me to give it up and drink water instead as apparently the oxygen in water is more effective at waking you up. I don’t believe it. A world without coffee is a not a world for me.


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