Oh yeah, this is a big one! Rant that is.

Editing copia
Editing copia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happened to the good ol’ days when women had real body parts, and men desired to touch them? What’s so wrong with loving a real woman?

Seems everyone is getting all kinds of work done; Breasts, deriars, eyes, tummies, thighs, and even chins & cheek bones are not real anymore.

The pain one endures to undergo a bone sawing procedure is ridiculous! Oh, but wait! Could it be a ploy to get doped up on pain meds? Plastic surgery is a sure-fire way to get that script of Norco legally filled. I mean come on! Unless it’s medically deemed necessary, breast cancer, or a severe abnormality like a cleft palate do you really need bone chiseled off a part of your body all to be replaced by a piece of foreign material?

It’s sad that people feel as if they are no longer good enough and take such drastic measures to be more likable.

And as if that isn’t bad enough, body hair is now deemed socially unacceptable. If you think for one minute that women enjoy shaving or waxing every inch of their pubic hair you are sorely mistaken! If anyone tells you any different, they are lying. Liar, liar pants on fire. (Childish, but necessary. This is a rant after all.)

Razor rash and ingrown hairs are painful, and the feel of it as it grows back is worse than the five o’clock shadow on a mans face. Ever notice a woman squirming ever so slightly in her chair? It’s not because she’s no longer able to contain that orgasm you’ve just given her with your Jedi-mind-tricks. Sorry guy, you are not Ob-Wan Kenobi. She’s squirming about because the itch in her pants is so bad from the regrowth that she can barely contain herself. Now that’s sexy!

Situations such as this, a man about to kiss a...
Situations such as this, a man about to kiss a woman who is in bed in her nightgown (Warren William and Ann Dvorak from Three on a Match), were one of the things the Production Code took aim at. After 1934, a scene such as this would not be seen in a Hollywood film for decades. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What the hell happened to romance? Back in the day when someone said they loved you, they loved YOU. All of you! Made up or not, hair done or bed head, bad breath, and all. When a man kissed you, he meant it. Or at least gave his all to make you believe he did. Not this little peck here, a little tap there. And not to mention sex is now just a means to and end. An end that escapes a woman most of the time leaving her wanting and terribly unsatisfied.

Then there’s the issue with people chastised and dumped because their responses on Facebook weren’t quick enough. (If you bothered to respond at all.) God forbid you actually have a life outside this tiny square box called a computer.

For those boobs out there who wine and cry all the time about not having anyone to love them, this is for the record; if you don’t like yourself, NO ONE else on this planet is going to like or love you. There are way too many people out there miserable and truly lonely. I don’t care how many Facebook friends they claim they have or how many plastic surgeries you plan on getting. Learn to love yourself and write-off those who “won’t” love you for who you are. In the end, those who don’t want you will regret the day they lost you.

English: Waste managment in Petra, Jordan: two...
English: Waste managment in Petra, Jordan: two dumpsters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone is so disposable anymore. Just like appliances, people are used up then thrown out for a newer model. How is anyone to grow old with their true love when true love’s hindered by vanity? Empty nest syndrome has never felt so real and it’s no where close to the proximity of the place it seeks.

Romance isn't just for teenagers...
Romance isn’t just for teenagers… (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

Moral hidden in this post? Probably not,  this is just a big fricken rant.

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