A Quick Guide to Changing the World

This is a quick but good read.

The Renaissance Mind


To my wonderful readers and supporters,

Let me tell you the simple truth: many people want to better this world, but don’t know how. So on my quest to spark as big of an inspiration movement as I possibly can, I decided to present some steps and motivation to all of those wonderful people out there.

As promised, my first free manual is now available! Click here to read it online or download it:

A Quick Guide to Changing the World: Why The World Needs You (And So Do I)

Since it is completely free and represents hours of planning and hard work, all I ask in return is that you spread the word! Repost this post, email the manual, tweet about it, comment on the original post (I’d love your feedback), or however you share the things that matter to you. 

Let’s all create an inspired world…

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Lip syncing live concerts

More and more over the last fifteen years, performers have lip synced their performances to embellish their shows. Or so they think. As a spectator there is nothing more insulting than paying money for a concert ticket and watch the band lip sync nearly half of their songs. Most commonly used by pop artists to merge intense dance moves into their [...]