Lip syncing live concerts

Concert (Photo credit: paimei01)

More and more over the last fifteen years, performers have lip synced their performances to embellish their shows. Or so they think. As a spectator there is nothing more insulting than paying money for a concert ticket and watch the band lip sync nearly half of their songs.

Most commonly used by pop artists to merge intense dance moves into their act, it’s now clear that heavy metal artists are now duplicating the same technic.

Having been to more concerts than I can count, and meeting various musicians over the years, I have never been more disappointed than I was last night. Two of metal’s rising bands lip synced their sets. I’m not talking about utilizing a processor to enhance the experience, I mean full on faking their performance!

I walked out of the last act and will be writing a formal complaint to the venue. In my opinion, it was false advertisement because if I had known these bands did not perform live sets, I would have never of paid money for a ticket to the concert.

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