Until We Meet Again

dancing the night away

Captured by the moment, beautiful and tender beyond all conception.

Air frolics around carrying with it songs we sway to,

Held up close by strength, there’s slight effort fashioned with ease.

As if made for one, embraced by fantasy if only for fantasy’s sake.

Impaired from the world, not that any tribulations enter the mind.

Swirling around committing no attention to the where’s,

Happiness encompassed and masks reality.

Choices made simple as simple requests noted without  spoken word.

Meeting of the minds, for the time being.

Unknowing of fate that lies beyond this endeavor,

Carried over a polished canvas.

Quietly fading as sound grants the room a pardon, ill-fated in time.

Hands release what was once one, creating two.

Till we meet again, when the moment occurs,

A moment tender as the one before, that one measure written for us.

Lips to palm until we meet again, Adieu my love.


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