With tips of fingers gently glide. Satin to touch, euphoric to smell, sweet to taste how I've yearned so. Did you have to go away for so long? Addicted to your elixir, anticipating its fragrant return, Forbidden as ice covers all in this grey dreary world. The word is neutral sheathing all, Void of all [...]

Open Your Cover Letter with a Catch Phrase

Writing a cover letter is just like writing a short story with the difference being, it’s all about you. The point of addressing a potential employer is to get their attention right away. The hiring manager reads many cover letters when looking to fill a position and a lot of those letters are boring. In today’s competitive market it’s absolutely [...]

Laden by Loneliness

Looking up towards the sky with arms rose, as if someone’s there to lift her up and hold her. The pain's unbearable, to breathe is impossible. Take it away! Tears are stead fast melting away any happiness that once possessed her eyes. Her screams drown out the loudest sounds, yet no one can hear her [...]