Laden by Loneliness

Jean Jacques Henner, Solitude

Looking up towards the sky with arms rose, as if someone’s there to lift her up and hold her.

The pain’s unbearable, to breathe is impossible.

Take it away!

Tears are stead fast melting away any happiness that once possessed her eyes.

Her screams drown out the loudest sounds, yet no one can hear her crying out.

No longer holding the desire to feel anymore, necessitating none of it.

She only wishes it to be gone.

Hours go by as gulping sobs turn into shallow breaths.

Forced upon the hard ground with no comfort.

The life in her body remains no matter how much she’s begged otherwise.

Sleep eludes her and she’s forced to face the agony that’s befallen on her.

Staring into oblivion the mind slowly fades as all that she is becomes lost.

Thoughts come and go as one final reprieve nests in a small part of her.

This really is for the best.

Burying herself away never to be touched again.




Letting go of all emotional attachment as she’s saturated with loneliness.

Conceding as it envelopes the very essence of her being.

Embracing the notion of never feeling pain again, sleep takes hold and renders her unconscious.

Is there really no one who loves me?

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