An Un-Love Poem


Annoying ugly little creeton, lying solemnly in my bed.

Get out, get out, get out or I will kill you dead!

Squish you I will, leave now before I’m seeing red.

Annoying ugly little creeton, crawling about at night.

Be gone, away with you and get out of my sight!

Paralyzed standing, I stare as if nothing will be right.

Annoying ugly little creeton, spying with many eyes.

Best heed my warning for, next one of my shoes flies!

Still nothing, options are no more and death will arise.

Annoying ugly little creeton, taunting me with fear.

Shivers down my spine, I must do it that is clear!

Courage come and goes, as my shoe I hold dear.

Annoying ugly little creeeton, your time has come to end.

You should’ve taken your leave, to hell is where I’ll send!

Muster bravery with my shoe raised high, your death I intend.

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