It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves...

My hand set upon the hardness of him,

Feeling the rock like mass under his jeans.

Our eyes meet,

A smile discovered upon his lips.

What he wants is of no consequence,

My body has already said yes.

Big strong hand grasping mine,

Leads us into temptation.

His lips are sweet and great,

I am lost in him.

Ideas of redemption are absent,

Following beside him guided on a path.

Destination self destruct is our course,

But it feels like paradise.

Allure of sex overwhelms every sense that should rectify,

Right or wrong matters not anymore.

He wants me.

He wants me.

Sealed together our bodies mold into one,

Lips on lips and skin on skin.

Fingers that send one into mental blankness,

No breath to take as it’s escaped.

Fire blazes throughout the course of my entire body,

He enters and the universe becomes all colorful.

Hours pretend to be days that go by and by,

Pleasure inundates again and again.

Relinquishing all known for pleasure beyond perception,

Taken harder while his name escapes my lips.

Commanding a release,

A release I cannot deny nor would I want to.

Madness settles still pleased all the same,

Nil regrets shadow what’s missing.

Memories happily carried by no one except me,

Days bearable with simple recognition.

He wants me.

He wants me.

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