Alone and forgotten ~ Set aside not cared for, wrong again while grief strikes the very core of reality. Wounded and neglected, this affliction fester's with resentment yet to trudge I must seeking approval from someone who's not willing to grant any pardon. Abandoned with a heavy heart, the hole in my chest open forever [...]

Deep in Me

A poem by my 10-year-old daughter Izabella Toney. You were the one who held me when I cried. You were the one who taught me everything when I died. You were the one who made me happy when I sighed. You were the one who told me stories, but you lied! You didn't just kill [...]


Brooches decorate though not flatter, Even less than the krone. Tossed away broken no chooser to single me out, Used as beech my heart taken by a rook. Heartbreak comes as no shocker, By those settled up on the knobs. The core of my existence shattered, No hero but in a story book that neither cheers nor saves. Head [...]