Laying awake for no other reason than thoughts of you dancing in my mind.  Restless passing yet no change of season trapped in darkness, loneliness.

Blinded by truths too terrible to speak, thus I do not inquire within. Terrified of the one answer I long to overt for eternity; Not good enough for you to love.

As thoughts dance from one to the next, confusing illusions break through in fragments. I hear your words, so why do I not believe those that escape beautiful lips on sweet breath?

Could it be actions thought hidden believing I could not possibly know what deeds are conducted under mine very eyes? Conceit sir, to believe me so gullible.

Yet, on my knees I’m once again begging for approval from someone obsessed with others. Are my imperfections so intolerable? Can I not be the world to you?

Understanding grows more distant as the night wans, malevolence oozes into my soul changing sweetness into bitterness. Love me! Love ME!

Put them all away, all for me as life waits for no one and will best you if not paying attention. Utter not a whisper nor message through space of those yet not met.

Worth it all to be happy as two are meant to be or so it should be. Deliver me from this ill-contempt, help me keep going as breathing starts to become impossible.

Craving a savior, wishing with all the broken pieces of my heart that it be you. Oh please let it be you! Life imagined without love is terrible so to that must be my cure.

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