Biltmore, Built Better!

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Biltmore, Built Better!

By Michelle Ochsner

A home is more than just a dwelling in which one resides, it’s your dream come true and it reflects your personality and lifestyle.  It’s a place where at the end of the day one retreats and escapes the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your home is compelled to be the sanctuary you’ve dreamt about specifically designed for you.

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting time in a person’s life, and the Biltmore team is there for you. Entering the lobby at 3681 N. Locust Grove, Suite 100, you are immediately greeted with warm smiles and friendly handshakes, forging a relationship that’ll last a lifetime.

Since 2009, owners Kevin and Elizabeth Amar convey a building company that fits right in with Idaho communities. Homegrown here in Idaho, Kevin has over 15 years of experience in home construction, land development, and land management. He has developed over 5,000 lots in the Treasure Valley including Alpine Village, Brookdale Meadows, Bella Terra Luxury Community, and Eagle Creek.

Biltmore is a building company that values your expectations and goes above and beyond building quality homes. With more than 30 years of combined experience in developing and construction, Biltmore creates an experience that is all about you.

Kevin and his team assert passion, dedication, and knowledge when planning communities. Amenities included with developments are quiet neighborhoods with mature trees, large building lots, basement lots available, city parks with walking paths, nearby shopping, and great schools, some within walking distance. All Biltmore homes are ENERGY STAR Certified to provide each with increasing efficiency.

With many plans to choose from, Biltmore accommodates and compliments your way of life. Listening and mindful to you, the homeowner, Kevin, and his team will design a home customized explicitly for you. Whether you have a large family requiring functionality with style or wanting an extravagant luxury home all for yourself, Biltmore will accommodate. Proudly Kevin declares, “Your home needs to fit your lifestyle, whether you are a family of six or it’s just you and the laptop. It’s about what you want and what I can do for you.”

With ten hours of complimentary interior design sessions, the style a Biltmore home conveys is beyond belief. Beautiful kitchens and baths are designed with custom granite, marble, or other materials with flooring that is not only the surface of which one stands, but it also complements the entire structure.  “One of the things we are told by our home buyers is that they cannot believe how much trim is throughout our homes and just how much it complements the overall look of the home,” says Elizabeth.

The Biltmore Company is committed to building residences that suit you, traditional or contemporary, committed to your absolute satisfaction throughout the entire process. Let it be all about you. After all, it is your home.


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