You Can Wear Braces At Any Age

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You Can Wear Braces At Any Age

By Michelle Ochsner

You’ve spent countless hours in front of the mirror fretting about the alignment of your teeth. Year after torturous year you look at and inspect every aspect of your mouth and the problem seems to get worse.

Instead of investing in ways to prevent unsightly wrinkles from scowling about your teeth, get a free orthodontic consultation. There many individualized treatments available today for those seeking to improve their smile and self-worth.

The average cost for traditional braces is $5000. Subject to the appliance and the treatment is chosen, adult treatment can cost more than $9,000. No need to panic about the expense just yet. Those high-end investments are by virtue of innovative technology that obscures the appliance.

One in five adults seeks orthodontic treatment today. There are many reasons to choose braces, but the most common are painful crowding teeth, excessive wear patterns, jaw pain, and self-confidence.  In her thirties, Dana Schaffer has had braces for about a year and counting. Some of her teeth came in from the upper gum and caused unwanted movement, another came in backward. “I ended up with a broken root in the very tooth that made me so self-conscious, one of those that came in from my upper gum and shoved its way in. I feel I am still young enough that I want to do this for me. I’m excited about the result, still to come.”

When alignment is off, teeth are harder to clean and adjustments are necessary to prevent decay or tooth loss. For some, it’s best to begin at an early age before medical issues arise. Teeth that bulge out beyond the lip are subject to breakage, misaligned bites cause chewing and speech problems especially those with an underbite, and overcrowding malformed the growing jaw.

Since the age of nine, Izabella has been a patient at CenterPoint Orthodontics. Her teeth had gaps and were severely misaligned with her front tooth extending beyond her bottom lip. Her bite was off and if left untreated, Izabella had greater chances of gum disease and tooth decay as an adult. “Dr. Miler is an awesome orthodontist and really helped me out. Kids at school were starting to make fun of me because of my teeth. I was scared the first time I got my braces on but the people at CenterPoint made me feel a lot better.”



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