What REALLY Moves Us???

This gives me a lot to think about.

Culture Monk

simply beautiful

By Kenneth Justice

~Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you cried? Although I haven’t cried at every wedding I’ve ever attended, I can remember a few in particular where I happened to notice the couple looking at each other in such a tender way that it brought me to tears.

It’s always interesting to find out what truly moves someone to deep emotion. For some people it’s a romantic or sad film, for others it’s a particular song or musician that touches their heart, and I am sure that if we opened it up for discussion we’d hear a plethora of different things that stirs our hearts.

In many ways, Western Culture is becoming more and more calloused and difficult. With so many people suffering from broken relationships, unemployment, out-of-control politicians, and everything else that plagues us, it is easy to spend too much time crying over the…

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