Alone in Death

Vested in little to nothing keeps all safe while on goes thine eyes,taking all abandoned for nothingness.Care not for no one with a black heart, wonder why callous and cruel

with venomous tongue poisons innocents.

Silence unveils wickedness portraying beauty, trickster among angels

fallen in the dead of the night.

No longer matters, words drift to the deaf amused by others in paths

that some are not welcome.

But to whom to turn to if not the beautiful who lie, cheat, and steal

the very breath escaping crimson lips?

Empty promises carved deep, intended to scar forever veiled in despair

draped so cold as unfeeling.

Death awaits with a lonely empty tomb sized for one, the afterlife poses

just as reality has for years past.

No one waits as no one cares, unwilling to grasp hands acting as savior

when all is lost in darkness.

Cruelty at its finest, lurking in shadows much too long for normality

though even the wicked know this truth.

Avoidance to break beyond repair as hand turns boney and white,

cold and desolate; alone.

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