He wanted to what to you and where?

8656708553As ridiculous as it sounds, when a gorgeous man all of twenty-something says he’s into you and discretely whispers in your ear all the naughty things he’d like to do to you; well you can see ones conundrum. Vicariously living through others will put a whole new perspective on active listening. He looked me right in the eye and with a sexy devilish smile, confirming all of what I thought I’d heard.

Waiving off the invitation as he couldn’t possibly be serious being drunk and all, he took me by surprise and forcefully brought his lips down to mine.  Those soft full lips were delicious as his tongue stroked at mine while his hands held my body in place, fearing the moment I would put an end to his advance. To both of our surprise, my body reacted with wanting. Too long since these sinful feelings have taken over. Too long has desire sought me out wanting to give pleasure instead of take. Too long a tall, dark, beautiful man with a sultry voice wanted to posses all that I had.

Requesting that we leave and go somewhere more private, I nod in agreement. Astonished by the ease of my acceptance, I find myself being guided down the stairs of the pub and heading towards a hotel. It took more than a few minutes to get there as we couldn’t keep our hands or lips off one another. If it weren’t for the cold night air, we would have had our way with each other right then and there. The heat of passion that coursed through my body was not a feeling I’d been accustomed to.

Confessions of want and appetites, sent waves of heat that shook my very core. With masculine hands he forced his craving. Willing or not he was not about to relinquish his control. Lust took possession and neither of us could hardly wait to show the other what specialties lie ahead.

What seemed like forever, we finally arrived at our destination. Foolishly, we must have looked amusing as the bellhop was obviously pained  by his restraint to hold back a good laugh. Could’ve been my lipstick on his mouth or the fact that my blouse was already most of the way unbuttoned exposing full ripe breasts in a black lace bra.

His manhood penetrated and filled me up many times over the course of hours and hours. His mouth tasted sweet and rarely abandoned mine. Only when his tongue’s used as instrument of pure white-hot pleasure, did those kisses stray away.

Our bodies moved in perfect rhythm, complementing one mind-blowing orgasm after another. At one point I thought I’d go mad from the intense euphoria. When the end of our session closed, we laid there holding each other  until dreams swept away all evidence of what just had occurred.

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