Of Gods Or Monsters

Red Esoteric fluid, life's fundamental virtue mistaking thought protected as soft skin obscures. Clandestine tales of assaults, oh hallowed fang thine nerve plump ripe for the taking. That which belongs to me, stolen. Vpeřit Veiled in silence dare not convey of shadows no more. Know not of what possesses, thoughts no longer owned only enslaved by the [...]


For the love of the sea says I, rolling waves testing time. Drift afar to who knows where, dare we not capture a stare. Queer we be in the land of not, feted to start later forgot. Long the voyage aged laid rest, treasure abets at end no less.    

To Begin Simply To End

The beauty of today has sprung sweetness and joy, lavishing intoxicating nectar amuck. A startling beginning valued worth the golden sun while binding the earth to the sky, perfection in unity dares not compare as holy angels rejoice. Vast grandeur encompasses through and through, accountable protection settles softly for adjustment is great. Significant celebrations in all of heaven [...]