To Begin Simply To End

100_0826.jpgThe beauty of today has sprung sweetness and joy,

lavishing intoxicating nectar amuck.

A startling beginning valued worth the golden sun while binding the earth to the sky,

perfection in unity dares not compare as holy angels rejoice.

Vast grandeur encompasses through and through,

accountable protection settles softly for adjustment is great.

Significant celebrations in all of heaven welcomes home one gone too long,

beginning new time assumed lost forever.

Healed is the saddened heart,

perception dances on clouds forging wind to strew the wealth of  light leading to pure absolute love.

Woes left behind whereas passing higher destined for the kingdom into his infallible caress,

acceptance into heaven without adieu begins existence rooted forever in perfection.

Allowable glance for goodbye’s sake,

conscious of dear ones anguished by loss at this righteous beginning.


~ Sadness quickens those left behind incapable of understanding the occasion to celebrate,

crippled beliefs of a broken heart unable to see truths smiling in the twinkle of the stars.

Acceptance of  an exhausted host time ended too soon,

stealing moments  hidden in shadows of  the unknown.

Simply to end,

is the only way to begin.









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