Since The Day That Stick Turned Pink

Never say never; or so they say. 
Changes life heaves,
hits with intention.
Beautiful fate is at times,
often pain endures whilst suffers.
The day I feared most was upon,
an occasion to end then begin anew.
Sacred vows vanished like ashes thrown into the wind.
As if life mattered no more,
years stolen when moments fractured in some million pieces.
Thus small,
never to be seen by the naked eye no more.
Heartache intensified with every breath,
 burning a hole in my soul. 
Love like no other.
The one God sent so that pain of loss is bore.
An angel;
blessed the very air filling lungs aggrieved with grief.
An angel;
granting sanity when chaos demanded compliance.
Since that day;
True Love.
My daughter.
My light.
My life.



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