Love for an Inanimate Object

Such sweet nothings to some something, without an ear to hear or share. Harbor feelings of great affection, of that some something I’ve grown to care. Dare not enter thoughts of nothing of something, to live without I cannot bear. Shall it be love? Can something be loved as someone can love? Blessed it be [...]

Self Portrait

I am me. Whatever that means. Take me for who I am, or not at all. In strong arms, I will not fall. I feel too much I like a rush. Hopeless romanticism this I crave. Admit it not, stubborn and brave. Silly at times, Serious too often. Loneliness is hard to soften. Love much, Eat [...]

Until Tomorrow

Pick up the pieces, it's a brand new start. The beauty at days end, begin anew though fallen aside quiet like. When the bell tolls, ends all lost laden woes one cries. Silent in pillows, for grace comes with the start of the new. Utmost longing with blackened skies, foremost not forever. Night ends upon [...]