My Dearest

Incredible wonderous young woman made of beauty beyond comprehension who's, Zealous and courageous entering the lion's den on any given day. All loving, all caring; Bound for greatness regardless of the odds pushing against the splendor. Eloquence graced upon innocence, only to show a dragons heart. Loved more than any, cherished above all else for [...]


Faith given unto one of consequence still unknown though Right of passages, ownership not yet lost still the quiet Even keeled soul confused by betrayal; Damned to live's pained, judged as selfishness is none the less Evolution which rejects as true identity reveals Regaining slowly the memory of truth; realities collide with dreams In clouds, [...]

Not Of A Finer Day

Such an occasion brings about clusters of guest seated so; they await the nobel for a day, and only this day. White silk and lace flow like oceans of water falls cascading into oblivion, though not rushed. Anticipation so thick; to move is to feel quicksand, joyously so for nobility upon peasants bestows only once [...]

West Star Hotel in Jackpot, Nevada

A last-minute decision to get away for the night,  I did a little research and called a toll-free number to book the only available hotel room in Jackpot, Nevada on a Saturday night. To say my husband and I were apprehensive is an understatement. Unsure about what we've gotten ourselves into (very inexpensive), we didn't [...]

The Lost Sonnet

Celebration accompanies winners With smiling faces, acceptance mock worth Unbeknownst to them truth creates sinners A lie is a lie rear evils rebirth Prepared for an ugly untimely end To the demise of loving charity Who would have thought the gates of hell ascend Words spoken grant not a soul clarity As last breath tells of [...]