The Amazing Spiderman 2

The second part of Marc Webb’s, The Amazing Spiderman is a great movie however; falls short on the amazing.

I try to go into these, comics made into movies, with an open mind.  Hey,  I’m a writer.  I’m creative.  I get it. But to completely rewrite an already awesome story?

Why Stan Lee, why?

Yes the Parkers were killed in a plane crash; because they were secrete CIA agents, recruited by Nick Furry, discovered by Red Skull who had them assassinated. Peter also discovers that his parents had been set up and are not the traitors they were made out to be.

Yes, Gwen Stacy did die because of the merciless Green Goblin. But get this; it was not Harry! It was his crazy dad, Norman Osborn.

The main plot in the film does stick with the important aspects of the Marvel Universe to make sure the story continues to coincide from one Marvel movie to the other. After all, how else would Hollywood get movie goers to spend money on flicks that are leading up to the final Avengers?

It’s really too bad that these blockheads rewrote this tale with the mindset that no one would care about the little details. Seriously? It’s those details we love the most!

The Amazing Spiderman 2 was a good movie but should have been fabulous.

The Scarlet Witch, in the next Avengers, created an alternate universe to please Magneto in a Spiderman comic. If only Spidey and the gang had been written into an alternate universe. Now that would not only explain everything,  it would have made this movie truly amazing.

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