I know I Knew You

I know you!

Is that really you?

Are you speaking to me?

I don’t understand,  it’s been so long.

Why now?

I watched you die,  this can’t be so.

If only you knew of the agonizing days I pleaded for your return.

You don’t run to me,  just simply stand there and cry.


Is this another cruel joke?

Because my humor has been lost long ago.

I know you!

Your eyes tell our story.

Casually you approach, dazed and confused.

The unbearable pain you fight against, to give us one more moment.

Why can’t you return, always and forever,  like you promised?

Your eyes plead with mine; Please don’t let me go, not yet.

But I already have,  a very long time ago.

And your gone again.

Leaving the monster here to dwell in your steps.

I knew you.

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