News From The Moment

My entire approach to writing has evolved.  This entity is suddenly changing and growing. I’m engaging in more groups and find that I immensely enjoy writing prompts. Who knew?

I find myself writing poetry all the time now.  The PAD challenges brought out a side of me that I didn’t know existed. Although,  I now constantly compare those poems to work’s of the great poet’s and I must admit,  I have no confidence in the poems I’ve written.

The short story prompts force me to write outside the box and helps to refine my story telling technic.  Some topics I really don’t care for however, I’ll write the short and submit it anyway. Most are between 500 to 900 word’s. The feed back is incredibly insightful.  I’ve always loved constructive criticism.  I’d never improve without it.

Thanks to some great advice from a colleague, I started working on my book again. It’s been shelved for about a year now.  Feels good to get back together with my protagonist and her conflicts. I’m also going to take the big plunge and start querying agents.  I get heart palpitations over this thought. The fear of rejection is over whelming.  None the less,  a fear I will conquer.

Wish me luck.

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