Without Wings

It’s unknown,  what to do.  The world is so ugly now, all ugly.  This torment won’t go away.

Focusing on the beautiful and happy isn’t possible when there’s only pain from loneliness.  No matter what’s done, how much is given,  nothing helps. It only gets worse with each passing year.

Stranded and unloved. The one bonded is incapable of loving anyone.  Crave love, touching, closeness; receives none, slowly kills.

There’s barely anything left of the person once a known by a smile.  Allowed to be crushed and ruined. Reasoning to sacrifice youth for the greater good, not an entire soul.

Now there’s nothing left to give.  It’s all been cruelly taken.

If only a way to say goodbye and leave this dread forever.  Give in, if just to make the pain go away. But it wouldn’t and it won’t as the ties that bind are stronger.

Can emotions become completely nothing? Never to feel anything again?  Spirit is already irrelevant, what harm would come by one person unable to feel. Unable to hurt. Unable to care. Unable to love.

To roam indiscriminately, without the pain of being discarded and unwanted.

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