See I Do

Shall I be labeled so stupid for nothing other than my sex?

Shall I be considered so blind your belief I not see?

Trickery and lies as fingers attempted quicker than the eye.

Ah, but sight does catch glimpses of whats thought to be hidden,

Your conceit is laughable at best.

Your disrespect is insulting.

Yet the game continues since the start of without an end in view.

Intelligence or lack of, strikes me ridiculous,

Again, insulting.

Vowed to hold in highest regard, only to degrade the vow itself,

To do nothing when waiting deems the only possibility.

Reckless  with the only heart devoted hopelessly.

A heart hardened by every passing beat until it’s broken beyond repair.

Alone with grief as your fingers satisfy the eyes and lure your heart to others,

Cold venom becomes thicker in veins that once coursed with love.

That sentiment lessons with each deceit.


If not yielded, what was once a wild-fire of passion and desire,

Will turn to ash and be gone forever.


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