Thoughtless Word’s

Memories fade as time goes on, yet wounds turn into scars made by selfish vibrations thrusts with no other intention than injury.

Echos of pleads between broken sobs haunt the very place where sweet dreams should reside, now at the mercy of nightmares.

Good intentions lay waisted, meant for princesses in books of lies given to children convinced of their false realities.

Promises pledged meant for not, as a soul fades to black with undying regret and no one to take any of it back from the pitiful place in which it came.

Vows shouldn’t exchange when the meaning is hollow and the heart is far too damaged, even when all is willfully and freely given with beautiful intentions.

Despair is non negotiable as doors close leaving emptiness to dwell in once more altering perceptions of forever and forever will never mean the same.

The only reprieve is merciful death and even that is on its own sweet time, slow and menacing, leaving nowhere to hide from the torment.




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