So Close Your Eyes For Good

The wind cleanses with a rush of cool air almost as cruel as the worthless set upon shoulders once held proud.

As if there was anyone to care. 

Breath falls short into a shadow too dark, too deep for ears to catch the sound of wanting.

Nothing left to say anyway. 

Shrouded by loneliness, trapped in duty with no honor as the temple’s treated like a whore only to serve.

Used up and thrown away.

No tenderness, no romance, no love as pleasure is one-sided taking for granted the passion that once was.
Completely dead inside, unfeeling.

Leaving a wake of pain, forced to live in isolation too unbearable, now life no longer has meaning when one’s made impossible to love.

Unloved is to die.

So close your eyes for good, I’m barely seen anyways for you’ve already gone away a long while ago and bitterness holds its ugly gasps.

Imprisoned forever in ruins.

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