Loved From Afar



Days turned into months that slowly become a year.
Opened my heart suddenly, it’s never been so clear.
The conviction never wavered, although it’s known,
Bound by responsibility is what I chose.
Commitments tame and cage, yes it is what it is.
Awaits patiently, the heart’s ready to give.
My hand was held today, as the sadness worn through.
It was him today, hand on mine; only us two.
The predicament is clearly understood.
Abandonment not, even though I could.
Nowhere I’d rather go, I belong where I stay.
No changes not yet, even on a day like today.
Simple gestures with soft kissable lips.
A turn of crimson cheek, as freedom starts to slip.
My smile, it’s yours, I give it to you.
As for now, it will solely have to do.
Pulled out of desolations rue,
to face laden and heavy truths.
All is bearable now, all thanks to you.

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