Sapphire Eyed Rave

You haunted my dreams again last night. Showing me yet again things that will never be. Things that should have been.

Although this time, the aspect of the vision was different. I welcomed the essence of you and it was comforting. Nothing like before when you began forcing your way into my consciousness. I’d resist, but your ascendancy compelled me to surrender.

In the beginning your memory pained the core of my being. The very thought of you stung my eyes with salty tears. Wanting and left with doubt, I was always filled with regret.

But how is it possible to regret what isn’t real? It isn’t meant to be. At least not with me.

Now you are a welcomed invasion as I secretly miss the significance of you. Your curled, blackened hair and eyes so blue that even the ocean’s depths couldn’t possibly propagate such a beautiful embodiment.

But I did. In my mind. From where all truths and lies are hidden far away from everyone. A place that nestles unspoken wants, desires, fears, and avocations that may or may not have happened. That is knowledge that only I own.

False or not, I love you. In a way that only I can. The melancholy of the monologue is demanding, as only my riddles of reality can sometimes be.

I now welcome your sweet break from realities cruel sting. As the ghost of what might have been gently takes me to the other side. If, only for a dreams sake. Whatever that may be.

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