A precious light had been extinguished today and it’s a day that’ll brand our soul until the end of time. Life’s burden is to carry on without the most joyous of smiles and grandest of laughter. Your happiness was genuine and it radiated in your eyes, hopelessly contagious to anyone graced by your presence.

Those of us lucky enough to call you friend are grateful for such an opportunity, yet sadden by your departure that came about too soon. All who share a relation are lessened at this time of grief. Missing you as we patiently wait to meet once more in distant time and separate place.

Times remembered, embellish our memories of the person you were. Some will say determined with eternity on your side, others will boast of lessons brought forth by the cleverness exclusive only by you. Stories will be told of childhood reflections that only a sibling can recall, while others will boast about their respect for you.

They’ll gossip about a teenaged boy who had unruly hair and wore pants that were much too tight. There will be versions of  a cool dude with an awesome car that became a responsible man.

You’ll forever be held in hearts. May flights of angels carry you up to the heavens so that you may now be our guardian angel.



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