Such a charmer as only chromaticity will grace contrast from beams of light casting down through thick sponge-like clouds overhead. Truly unknown as to how, but really does one care? Oh sure written are words of science with grand explanations of it all, filling heads with nonsense of fancy librettos such as chlorophyll. Progressing so close on the [...]


Fortunes written in the stars, or so they say. The path of life veers off unknown come what may. Foretold are lavish fantasies believed to come true. Lies beseech reality hidden and misconstrued. Prevail is now a word that holds little. A droplet that has become the ripple. To whom is the pleasure owed, I wonder? [...]

Author Bio

Thank you for dropping by the inquisitive domain of Shell Ochsner. Please feel free to look around and if there is anything she can do for you, please don't hesitate to let her know. Since memory serves, there has been a pen or pencil in Shell's hand as she composed thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Growing [...]